Case Studies

Flying Samurai Blue to Brazil

Benoit Duvivier

We'll do our utmost to make your mission to be successful!

As The aviation factory is known for a personalized and a la carte approach for large capacity aircraft and larger groups. The Japanese Football Association relied on our service to bring their Samurai Blue from the training camp to their world cup hub near Viracopos in Brazil.

Special measures and arrangements were made between The aviation factory the Tampa International Airport and the JFA to arrange the operation in the very best possible conditions. The aircraft arrived the day prior the flight operation so no delays could be expected as was a special luggage service so all team kit pieces were loaded in the early morning of D-day.

Customs, border & security staff were arranged at the FBO/GAT terminal so the group had a private and smooth procedure to get on board of the aircraft as the coach halted just a few meters from the boarding stairs of their VIP Boeing 767 that would bring them to their final destination. A fast procedure resulted in an on time 'doors closed' from the crew and ready for take off.

After a 9h flight over the Caribbean and  parts of South America and enjoying a personalized service with Japanese movies and press & magazines; multiple snack service and a very nice 'a la carte' full hot meal service the aircraft landed safely and ahead of schedule.

It was our pleasure to say goodbye to our guests to the FIFA officials taking care of them from that point on!

Nassau, 2000 passengers

Frédéric Guilloret

In 2012 we worked on a project for a pharmaceutic company.
This was their 100th anniversary so they wanted to invite their colleagues from all over the world, the 5 continents to Nassau, Bahamas for a conference. Even Bill Clinton was invited.

This was a real challenge because all the passengers (about 2000) had to arrive in a gap of 2 days.
Of course, the passengers had to have the minimum of connexions.
So the first work was to locate each passenger in the world and imagine what would be the best solution for them.
After this, we imagined to create hubs for ad-hoc flights where the pax would gather with scheduled flights.

This worked as follows :

Charter Toronto / Nassau : for pax from Asia, Australia, UK
Charter Madrid / Nassau : for pax from Europe, Middle East, Africa
Charter Panama City / Nassau : for pax from South America

Despite the real challenge and the complexity of the operation, all really went smoothly.

Reus Operation 2014

Laetitie Rodier-Roy

Yes we can :-)

- Case study : 
2000 passengers (franchisees, head services, providers of the brand)

- Destination : REUS
- Customer : a French national franchise network

to arrive together on Friday - to depart on Sunday  during late September 14.

For this major event a total of 11 flights have been operated from 10 main French airports. 
6 European airlines have been coordinated by Aviation Factory : Airbus A330, Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320, Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 717  are part of the transport program.
Each flight is branded, a flight coordinator help on each departures for facilities.
Same service is provided on the spot in REUS for the 11 return flights : 2000 passengers left from 08:30 to 15:30 on Sunday !!

Successful mission !!!

On the same day, Aviation Factory had 23 other flights.

Krakow, June 2014

Franck Ménétrier

June 2014 : once again our team is in charge of air transportation of 2 000 passengers from several french cities to Krakow. And of course a program well tailed with the impossibility of supporting any delay ! Special welcome, special screen, special catering, special lounge...
During one week our special flights will occupied all krakow airport every day and at least the most important day will be the last one with 17 flights from Krakow back to France !
2 A320, 1 ERJ 175, 1 B737-300, 1 B737-800, 2 B717, 2 FOKKER 100, 2 CRJ900 and 2 B737-400 were acting during one day, all the airport dedicated to our mission. 3 monthes of hard preparation in full collaboration with airports, handling agents. We faced parking works in Kralow airport, thank to polish professionalism, we solved everything !

Result : a client happy, no delay, no panic, no luggage lost, no id lost, no stress and a great satisfaction for all our team !

Paris Express

Patricia Lebouter

September 2012 - Biggin Hill/Paris Le Bourget

It is 2 o'clock in the afternoon. We received a call from a good client.
He is in London and has to reach Paris very urgently. He has a conference, as occuring in next few hours but missed his flight London-Paris. He is handicapped and needs a special assistance.
Our mission is to find in emmergency a private flight allowing him to be on time for the conference in Paris.
We provided him a Hawker 700. Departure at 15.00UTC from Biggin Hill/Arrival at 16.00UTC in Paris Le Bourget. We organized all the transferts adapted to his needs.

The client was so happy. We brought him a solution within the hour. He arrived in Paris completely relaxed to assure his conference.

Successfull challenge !

From delivery room to Tomorrowland! 

Thomas van Meerbeeck

Evening call to The aviation factory with the following challenge: Bring the top DJ Armand Van Buuren from the hospital in Rotterdam where is wife was giving birth to Tomorrowland in less than 1 hour as from the moment he gets out the hospital. In the next 30 minutes we found a Mustang jet with crew available in Rotterdam. Plus the helicopter that will standby at Antwerp Airport to bring him to the Tomorrowland heli-spot. 

Mission accomplished, in less than 60 minutes the dj was live on Tomorrowland! This would never have been possible without our very good relationships with the operator, Antwerp Airport and handling on both airport. That all helped achieving this. 



Key West

Birte Kipke

Our client an Event Agency wanted to create a very special incentive trip to Florida. In order to grant their guests more time in Key West they requested a charter flight from Key West to Miami International Airport for 65 Passengers. The passengers had to arrive in time into Miami as they had to reach their flight home on a scheduled flight with Lufthansa. It was challenging to find a suitable Aircraft to carry 65 passengers at the same time. Most of the operators did not regard this quick hop as a very interesting or even serious request.

Finally we offered two Saab 340 with 30 seats each plus a Merlin with 14 seats but when end user decided to book our offer the airline informed us that one of the Saab 340 was no longer available. So the new challenge was to find a different solution but to stick to the budget. We managed to do this by offering 1 Saab 340, 1 Merlin and 3 King Airs – who could operate all at the same time. Our client was happy as the variety of aircrafts made this special trip even more special.

To make sure that this VIP group will have a nice, punctual and save trip Nicole visited all Operator in the US a few days before departure. Also we arranged a meeting at General Aviation Terminal in Miami and Key West to make sure that they are capable to handle 65 Guest at the same time.
A few days prior departure one of the operators informed us that their aircraft needs to remain in maintenance and cannot operate the booked flight. And this is where our fantastic alliance was benefitting us: thanks to our friend Rob Runge and his local contacts, we were able to arrange another King Air.

On the day of operation everything worked out punctually and went like clockwork.
Nicole our representative at the airport Key West flew with the group on the last aircraft to Miami and saw many happy faces.
With a beautiful view over the Keys they had a brilliant flight back to Miami and everybody was very impressed.

African Rescue Ops

Tamir Preisler

On a Thursday noon back in February 2014, an urgent phone call from the International Organization for Migration, advised that an evacuation from the Central African Republic was just confirmed, however, a wide body aircraft should  be at Bangui the following day early afternoon.

Our partner carrier chosen for this project,  confirmed that all necessary preparations for this challenging operation would be completed on time , however, they would need several hundreds of thousands in cash in order to enable the crew pay all costs at different African airports that would not accept any other means of payment for their services. All this when banks have already been closed for a long weekend.

Frantic calls by different bank managers ended up with apologies for not being able to do anything outside the opening hours and that such considerable amount of foreign currency in cash required , needs to be announced 3 working days in advance.

There was no way to delay operation since it involved literally saving life of people who have found refuge at the tarmac of the airport being protected by a handful of French soldiers.  
A phone call to a good friend at the city where the aircraft and crew came from at 11:00pm, led to a round of private cash collection throughout the night.

At 09:00am, the aircraft could take of to start a complicated life saving operation in which over 10,000 passengers have been rescued and evacuated within few days – bringing them all back to their hope countries in Africa.

Nothing is too big for us

Susanne Lautenschläger

Organizing a journey for several thousand persons that runs as smoothly as possible? No problem for PAS!

An incentive journey is an exciting event for all parties involved – the organiser as well as the guests. For such an event, an acclaimed customer from the automobile industry has trusted on the expertise of PAS for the second time. In April 2016, 3000 guest were brought to an exclusively rented holiday resort. The event lasted several weeks and for each group it started already during the flight to Spain.

After a requirement analysis together with the customer in 2015, PAS began to choose the airlines for the flights. Thereupon, the flight schedule was optimized to reduce unnecessary costs. In the months preceding the start of the project, everything was organised to integrate the flight into the event: inflight services like logo projections at the check-in, headrest covers printed with the event motto, specially produced menus, a special welcome by the captain and many more were arranged. Finally, the guests went to Andalusia, from five different airports (Munich, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Kassel, Karlsruhe and Berlin) on various days. There, our PAS-Team, recognisable by their event outfit, welcomed the guests and took care of all the baggage and travel logistics. A full range of quality food and free choice of beverage on board gave the flight a cheerful atmosphere.

In the hotel PAS was present as well with a contact person at the info desk for the guests. Whether it was a special seat on the return flight, special wishes concerning the catering, the organisation of a wheelchair for an injured passenger or a lost suit case – our PAS-Team answered all questions and solved all issues quickly and non-bureaucratically. Consequently, the guests’ feedback, captured in a survey on their way home, was entirely positive.

The cheerful guests had a relaxed beginning of an exciting event and a satisfied customer will rely again on careful planning and smooth implementation by the flight experts of PAS in the future.